Work Packages

WP 1

will create a comprehensive assessment framework incorporating all relevant factors influencing  the development of business models for investing in soil health (Lead: WU).

WP 4

will design an interactive toolbox of incentives and policy recommendations based on a thorough analysis of incentive mechanisms globally as well as on the incentives investigated in the testing grounds. (lead: KOIS).

WP 2

will establish 6 testing grounds across Europe to test and improve emerging and designing new soil health business models (Lead: ILVO).

WP 5

will increase awareness of the importance of soil health and the opportunities among a wide set of stakeholders and will showcase good practices and communicate project results using a variety of communication approaches geared towards different communities, including the general public. (lead: ELO).

WP 3

will establish 12 Communities of Practice (CoPs) in 9 EU countries to further develop and scale up its incentives and business models for soil health and to provide feedback to and scale up insights from WP 1 and WP 2 through communities of practitioners who act as ambassadors for soil health business models (lead: CONSULAI).

WP 6

will manage the project and the consortium, including the management of data. (Lead: KU Leuven).



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