Sister projects


Like SoilValues, the NOVASOIL project is funded under Horizon Europe. The aim of this project is to highlight the benefits of investing in soil health for society and the environment. The project will do this by developing a toolbox for analysing the suitability of different business cases that promote soil health. This toolbox will be based on a range of good examples from Europe and other countries, and on society’s needs and requirements. The toolbox will include a categorisation of models and business cases, taking into account: a) sustainable soil management under different land uses and climatic conditions; b) products based on practices that promote soil health; c) consumption and certification practices that are conductive: d) soil reuse and e) sustainable soil management in the context of the EU Taxonomy Regulation.


InBestSoil is a project supported by the European Union’s Horizon Europe programme and includes 20 partners from 10 countries. It aims to evaluate how investments in soil health can promote a long-term shift towards sustainable and resilient land use, by providing data, evidence, tools and models. The project will establish six lighthouses and three pilot sites to create a total of nine study areas in four biogeographical regions of Europe, namely the Boreal, Continental, Atlantic and Mediterranean regions, covering a range of land uses such as agriculture, forests, cities and mining. These areas serve as models for co-creation and co-design and apply a multi-actor approach, responsible research and innovation and open science principles.

EU mission : A soil Deal for Europe

SoilValues is a project that, like its other two sister projects, is funded under Horizon Europe and more specifically under the Soil Mission. The Horizon Europe research and innovation programme for 2021-2027 has introduced EU missions as a new component. The mission titled “A Soil Deal for Europe” aims at a transition to healthy soils by 2030, with the main goal of establishing 100 living labs and lighthouses. This mission is an innovative attempt to tackle the problem of soil health in Europe.

The 8 Mission objectives:

1. reduce desertification

2. conserve soil organic carbon stocks

3. stop soil sealing and increase re-use of urban soils

4. reduce soil pollution and enhance restoration

5. prevent erosion

6. improve soil structure to enhance soil biodiversity

7. reduce the EU global footprint on soils

8. improve soil literacy in society



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