The Netherlands

Citizens for healthy soils and farms

The purpose of this Testing Ground is transforming conventional agricultural land and practices into regenerative farming practices, developing healthy soils and new business models for farmers. Showcasing that social, ecological and economic sustainability can be integrated. This TG stands out due to the active participation of citizens, who contribute both financially and with their time. 


It is a holistic approach; inspiring case due to active participation of citizen NGO’s and challenging to discover whether the regenerative holistic approach is also
economically sustainable.


Two NGO’s, Several farmers families (more than one family on the Biesterhof), researchers, citizens, conventional farmers in the region, municipalities, city of Nijmegen and city of Apeldoorn and network of regenerative farmers.

Farmer involvement

Farmers are the core: they have been selected by the NGO’s to run the farm in line with regenerative practices.

Who is rewarded?

The farmers are supported by the NGO’s and their members financially (especially during the first years of transformation of the farm) and also the community around the farm (volunteers).


Private money from citizens through NGO’s, access to land (NGO buys the land and farm), Also direct financial investment of citizens possible.

Jan Hassink

Senior Researcher Wageningen Plant

Amanda Matson

Soil Scientist



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