Sugar beet farming system

The purpose of this Testing Ground is the development of an insetting business model aimed at increasing incentives for regenerative farming practices – named by our stakeholders SoilProfit. It focuses on the improvement of soil quality and achievement of optimal benefits for involved actors in the value chain (e.g., remuneration for farmers, carbon footprint reduction, lower costs and positive image for processors). The common purpose of the stakeholders for further development of the case is the improvement of soil quality, increased yields, and environmental protection (i.e., reducing GHG emissions in sugar beet production). Apart from the farmers, each SHBM actor (sugar factory, carbon certification company, input providers, advisors, intermediaries, consumers, and financial institutions, policymakers, NGOs) has an additional particular interest..


Currently there is no successful soil quality business model established in Poland. However, the case is supported by significant bottom-up model interest from various stakeholders and will help determine how to improve soil-based ecosystem services (SES) generated in Poland.


4 sugar beet farmers, 1 Suger company (NordZucker), carbon certification company, research institute (IRWiR PAN)

Farmer involvement

Farmers are involved in all aspects of the TG and are part of The National Union of Sugar Beet Growers (KZPBC) which brings together c.a. 20,000 sugar beet farmers.

Who is rewarded?

Farmers are rewarded.


For farms: own resources, CAP payments, know-how, Sugar processors: knowledge, education,, production inputs (seeds, pesticides, etc.) KZPBC union: image building, agricultural advisory, price negotiations, and contacts with policymakers). Farmers will receive money from carbon certificates and will have lower costs and higher profits in the future.

Piotr Gradziuk

TG lead

Katarzyna ZawaliƄska

IRWiR PAN Team Leader



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