Mariendal – Peters Gartneri

This Testing Ground is based around an initiative near Aarhus that does regenerative farming and has a local communal direct customer farmer relation. 100 members pay on a yearly basis, to either pick up or harvest vegetables or herbs themselves. The owners of this initiative do the sowing and maintenance (no-till, organic) to prepare for the costumers harvest. Additionally, they sell courses in regenerative farming and host summer events.


The case is relevant, because its main actors, are very much interested in a continuous discussion and cooperation with
the SV-project. They are good example of a soil-health initiative, that is already exploring business- and marketing models, while still being curious on developing further, so that main actors can live of their practice itself without working two jobs.


PT (farmer, initiator, owner), PL (marketing driving force, lawyer, employee at Aarhus University, Business and Social Sciences) & a community association supporting the development of Grønne Mariendal-Peters Gartneri.

Farmer involvement

Farmer PT (farming, crop rotation planning, harvesting, teaching course participants)

Who is rewarded?

The FØJS-association and PL are non-paid actors in the initiative, but Peters Gartneri has 2-3 parttime employees. All the current actors, but especially PT, would profit from a MRV cooperation with SoilValues, so that he could prove his regenerative practice as beneficial to outsiders, such as funds, customers, public authorities.


Peters Gartneri has 2-3 parttime employees.
The land is owned by Aarhus Municipality.

Martin Hvarregaard Thorsøe


Kasper Krabbe

Research Assistant



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