Composting at regional level in the Groot Saeftinghe area (NL/BE)

This Testing Ground aims to create a composting project at regional level which offers farmers an economically and ecologically interesting alternative fertilisation strategy.

The Testing Ground aims, through the composting project, at a transition towards a more sustainable agriculture, and soil care in particular.


Interesting (regional) scale to work with, very clear soil practices and focus on ESS delivered, strong farmer involvement, indirect financial reward, engagement of public institutions through biomass streams and access to public land, actors involved are themselves requesting the development of a business model.


Some organic farmers (ongoing experiments) and the province of Zeeland, regional process facilitators.

Farmer involvement

A small number of organic farmers participating in ongoing experiments as well as a handful of conventional farmers within the region who are engaged in conversation on next steps.

Who is rewarded?

Compost application may reduce fertiliser needs and hence the cost of current inputs for regional farmers. It also contributes to soil fertility, structure, water retention capacity… and hence productivity. However, the biomass inputs, composting activities and logistics will involve costs.


The composting company involved mobilises own resources for rolling out the necessary infrastructure and for process management. Public institutions are involved for process management, but also for producing, harvesting and storing biomass flows (e.g. through public management of green areas, public land).

Hans Vandermaelen


Lene Cillen




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